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Internal Migration and Youth in India: Main Features,Trends and Emerging Challenges

Published By: UNESCO | Published Date:01 Jan 2013
This paper is part of a project that recognises that much like gender, ‘age’ is not simply a variable to be measured, but a framework that facilitates, constrains and ultimately contours migrant experiences. Through evidence-based research drawn from national and regional estimates, the paper attempts to outline the missing youth discourse and plug it into the labour and migration policies in the country. Where data is available, the paper examines patterns of internal migration among the youth, evidence of attainment of basic rights, access to employment opportunities and the labour market outcomes for migrant youth. The paper concludes by enumerating several key challenges faced by present and potential migrant youth, and briefly outlines policy measures that will enable India’s policy makers to fully appreciate and take advantage of its burgeoning young workforce.
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